Qin'an, established in 1995 by an engineer team, is specialized in supplying automotive powertrain engine key parts and transmission complicated parts.

Our main products range from cylinder head, cylinder block (Aluminum and Iron), crankshaft to transmission case and convert housing. 

Decades of industrial practice accumulated us with rich experience in both casting and machining of highly demanding powertain engine 3C parts and strong capabilities in complicated trans parts as well as any sophisticated structural parts.

Our two facilities with an area of 319,423 sq.m. and a strong professional team present us an integrated comprehensive manufacturing (casting + machining) site of scale production with yearly millions of parts in the industrial segmented automotive powertrain and transmission market. 

Years of development and production performance made our products recognized as premium stable quality with competitive cost, Qin'an the name as a reliable partner of seamless teamwork with our customers for win-win cooperation.


Both casting and machining capabilities well positioned us integrated manufacturing advantages with wide service scope to our customers. 

Our aluminum casting process covers low pressure die casting, gravity die casting, gravity tilt die casting, HPDC with casting machines mostly from Fata, Fill, UBE, Buhler; while iron casting lines are typical horizontal process from HWS Germany made.

Our machining process ranges from cubing, super cubing to finish machining of cylinder head, cylinder block (aluminum/iron), transmission case to crankshaft finish machining with equipment mostly from Toyoda, Okuma, Komatsu, Toyo, Gering, Hegenscheidt.

Well founded on and perfectly matched with our in-house sand core making, alloying, heat treatment, lab analysis and R&D strengths, our manufacturing capabilities furnished us with tailored solutions to our customer’s multiple demands.


Both our dedicated engineering team seasoned with in-depth technical hands-on experiences and accumulated in-house technical know-how built up our strong cutting edges in casting and machining development for providing customized service to satisfy customer's segmented technical demands. 


Both CAE and CAD capabilities in casting and machining technical development enabled successful launching even if in facing with customer’s aggressive program lead Timing.

Both DOE and in-house machining validation employed to support process development, process optimization and calibration to achieve stable quality.

Comprehensive in-house lab test capability in chemical composition, mechanical properties, non-destructive CT scanning and overall dimensions inspection guarantees a transparent development and controllable delivery milestones and successful launch.


TS16949/ISO14001 Certified

Quality is a detailed process management from incoming control, process control to delivering robust qualities to our customers.

As an industrial practitioner, we benefited greatly from operating the industry quality management control tools such as APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning), PPAP (Production Part Approval Process), FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis), SPC (Statistical Process Control) and MSA (Measurement System Analysis) in our development and production management. Besides, preventive actions such as error-proof and continuous improvement also benefited us for even going beyond customers' expectations.

Continuous improvement with unyielding efforts for supplying our customers with premium quality survived us from the intense market competition and built up mutual win-win cooperation with our customers.


Customer’s ever increasing requirements and far higher expections filled us up with the very driving force in our pursuing for excellence and perfection, thanks to our customers’ strong support and assistance, with which we harvested numerous awards covering program development capability, mass production quality performance as well as team work and business cooperation. Besides, we are also prize or award winners from various foundry industry events as well as from relevant government administration ratings.


Qinán Shares (Code: 603758) Public Listed in Shanghai Stock Exchanges

 On 17th May 2017, Qin’an Shares (Securities Trading Abbreviations QAGF or QA, Securities Code: 603758) was successfully public listed in SHARE A Market of Shanghai Stock Exchanges. The successful IPO marks a new page of Qinán’s long term development. With the strong support of the capital market, Qinán will be able to better position its advantages for more sustainable growing and development.


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